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Tea Time in VirginiaTea Time in VirginiaTea Time in Virginia


Dear Fellow Tea Minded People,

Thank you for visiting Tea Time In Virginia.

When I first introduced the idea of Tea Time In Virginia, a tearoom owner asked, "And why are you doing this"? At the annual Take Me 2 Tea Expo, a lovely man gave a simple answer… "for the love of the tea". By that he meant all that "tea" means to us - simpler times, warm memories, quiet reflection, renewal, cherished visits with family and friends - whatever we need it to be.

My goal is to serve each of you by creating a place where we can gather, share stories, suggestions and provide information that will help you create those treasured times for yourself and with your family and friends. This site is intended more for information and exchange than for sales, but based on reader response, I will continue to feature tea related products that I think you will enjoy. A large percentage of any revenue generated from Tea Time In Virginia will be donated to charity…in some cases…all of the revenue, like with Hurley's Boston Soda Breads.

I hope you will come often - share your thoughts and expertise and continue to have many happy tea experiences. I wish for you all that you wish for yourself and more.

Warm regards,

Karen Hannon

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