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Several years ago, after a lovely tea experience with my friend Lois, I purchased my first tin of Harney and Sons loose tea. Thanks to my children, I have been having fun sampling many of their teas and gift items ever since.

Whether you are new to the world of tea or a long time tea fan, Harney and Sons brings you of a quality and variety that you will enjoy and appreciate. We have created a special Tea of the Month gift item to get you started on this journey.
- Karen

In 1970, John Harney and a partner bought a tea company from an old tea man, Stanley Mason. Over the next several years, Stanley taught John the art of fine tea. He taught him that loose tea leaves make the best cup; and instilled in him the idea that if you had to produce tea bags, make them the best. So, Harney & Sons tea bags have larger leaves and more of them than the competition.

John formed his own company in 1983 and proceeded to give the staid tea industry a shaking. His concept: sell great tea at a price that would make it an everyday luxury. Slowly but surely, great hotels such as the Ritz Carlton and gourmet shops like Williams Sonoma discovered his teas. Satisfied consumers began calling the Harney Tealine (800-TEA-TIME) and a minor revolution began.

"Tea" means many things to many people; from black teas to herbals to iced teas. Our goal is to be your best source for "tea" however you define it.

Harney & Sons' commitment to providing you with the finest possible cup of "tea" is strong. Michael travels the world searching for renowned varietals as well as exciting new infusions, from Germany to India. Tea tastings happen regularly at Harney & Sons to insure that quality never slips. As their knowledge of fine tea grows (even experts learn in this field), we will continue to expand our gourmet tea offerings.

For more information about Harney & Sons, you can visit www.harneyteas.com or call (800) TEA-TIME or email them at HT@Harney.com.

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