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How To Make Tea

The best way to make tea is to use an electric kettle to boil the water. The advantage is the water is actually boiling when you pour it over the tea, either in a cup or in a teapot. This helps to extract the most flavor from the tea, and it reduces the length of time you need to brew the tea. The longer you brew, the more bitter tasting tannin will be dissolved. Heating water in the microwave is slower, and produces inferior tea.

You will also get better results using loose tea in a teapot, rather than teabags. Loose tea is not ground as fine as the tea in tea bags, as it has more room to circulate in the pot. Use a tea strainer to avoid getting tea leaves in your cup.

Loose leaf tea brewed in a teapot makes the best tasting tea.

  • We recommend one teaspoon of loose tea per person, plus one for the pot.
  • Use freshly drawn water. When water is re-boiled, or stands for a while, it loses oxygen which prevents the full flavor of the tea being released.
  • Warming the pot first. This helps the brewing process by maintaining the brewing temperature for longer, to extract more flavor from the tea.
  • Be sure to use boiling water to make the tea. Water which is "off the boil" does not allow the tea to brew properly.
  • Brewing for 3-5 minutes, shorter times will not reveal the full flavor and the quality of the tea. Longer brewing will result in a bitter tasting tea as Tannin will start to be extracted from the tea leaves.
  • Stir the tea in the pot once or twice while it is brewing.
  • Tea bags the same directions apply as for loose tea. You will get best results brewing in a pot. If you brew in a cup brew for a much shorter time, 1 - 2 minutes.

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