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The English Garden
12506 River Road
Richmond,   VA  23233

Phone: 804-784-2011

7/18/2005 1:39:27 PM
Variety:  Good
Artistry:  Good
Service:  Lacking
Enjoyed lunch outside on the patio. Beautiful English garden setting. Service was lackluster. After the waitperson spilled an entire glass of iced tea on my lap, I simply got an assurance of "Don't worry, it won't stain" and she was very slow in getting me a towel with which to dry myself. Slow service and not a very knowledgeable waitperson. Good food, good tea, nice atmosphere, extensive (but expensive) gift shop.

11/1/2005 2:07:23 PM
This is no longer a tea room, but rather a restaurant named "The Edible Garden"

1/8/2006 10:25:21 PM
Variety:  Average
Artistry:  Average
Service:  Average
I prefer the original English Tea Garden, where we had a nice gift shop in the front and more of a selection of menue items...It was more quaint, I still enjoy eating out in the garden ( which they need to keep up better ) but as a regular customer, I've seen the quality go down abit since they changed the original set up. Keep it quaint, don't loose the charm just to fit in more tables , PLEASE !

1/20/2008 11:59:38 PM
Variety:  Excellent
Artistry:  Excellent
Service:  Excellent
The english garden closed several years ago. It is now a different restaurant.

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