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Tea Time in VirginiaTea Time in VirginiaTea Time in Virginia
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Tea Tyme and What Nots
907 Caroline Street
Fredericksburg, VA ,   VA  22401

Phone: 540-368-0675

4/17/2007 8:54:51 AM
Variety:  Excellent
Artistry:  Good
Service:  Good
The setting is quite cozy and relaxing and includes touches of victorian charm. The menu of savories and desserts offers a tasty variety and the tea menu is extensive as well. The service staff provides a personal touch and is knowledgeable of the characteristics of the teas offered.

8/30/2007 1:25:07 PM
Variety:  Good
Artistry:  Average
Service:  Lacking
Although we found the tea suitable and the food average, the service was extremely poor. Our food arrived long before our tea and we were practically finished with our food when the tea did arrive and still required brew time. My guest was given my tea and mine was hers (we figured this out after a cup). The Afternoon Tea selection my guest and I ordered was to come with clotted cream and jam but it did not. When we inquired, we were told that it came with it if "you wanted it" and of course we did. The "clotted cream" was brought out in small plastic cups like one would put ketchup in at a McDonalds and the "jam" was the individual Smuckers jam packets one would get at a Cracker Barrel. The cream for our tea was tossed on the table in individual half and half cups you would find at any fast food place as well as the sugar which was simply sugar or Splenda packets like you see at a diner. A child guest had ordered the Child's Tea. The Afternoon Tea plate offerings was the same as the Child's Tea plate (but of course much more expensive). The amount of tea served with the selection was a disappointing two cups. All in all a disappointing experience to drive to the quaint old town of Fredericksburg, find parking, and dish out money for an experience we could have had at our local diner or IHOP.

10/17/2007 4:09:11 PM
Variety:  Good
Artistry:  Good
Service:  Good
I loved this place a few months ago. The management has changed since then but I would say it is still a very good tea room. The scones are excellent and the fruity chicken salad is what I always order. Since the management change, they have kept the recipes basically the same, but there was a brief period when the selection of tea was low. As of now, the selection is good and the tea reoom looks very nice. They are going to open a party room for larger tea parties soon. The staff is very nice, but the more knowledgable staff tends to be older. I would have rated this excellent before but it is still very good.

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